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Precious Monèt ™

"Talent Amplifier"

Precious Monèt is an accomplished entrepreneur and dynamic leader with a profound HR background, driven by a passion for transformative change. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Precious thrives on constructing trailblazing brands that challenge and amplify talent. Her innate ability to envision purpose-driven companies has been instrumental in her successful ventures.

Continuously seeking Innovative and more effective approaches, Precious immerses herself in thorough research and is adept at implementing streamlined processes with speed and precision. Leveraging her wealth of experience, Precious provides strategic HR consulting services to other businesses, sharing best practices, amplifying talent, and fostering success.

Embodying her mission to cultivate a vibrant company culture, Precious' hands-on approach is pivotal in nurturing a top-notch talent culture that distinguishes a comprehensive assessment of various factors that go beyond just skills and qualifications.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Precious commitment to cultivating a supportive business community led her to launch BHS Consulting Firm. Serving as CEO Founder Precious has played an instrumental role in growing the community, and fostering collaboration and innovation among businesses and entrepreneurs.

In every facet of her career, Precious Monèt's boundless energy and dedication to driving positive change continue to leave an indelible mark on the industries she touches.

Features & Collab's

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Writer's Nook

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Sisterhood Sabotage (Paperback)



Free Yourself From Yourself (Paperback)



Without Passion, What’s the Purpose? (Paperback)



Prioritize Your Purpose Planner(Paperback)


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